Friday, March 13, 2009

Oricon style article regarding 'Dr.' PV

Oricon Style published an article regarding the upcoming "Dr." promotion video. The video will be a full animation video directed by Junpei Mizusaki. Namie also chose a topnotch animation studio who spent one month making the video. The producer of the song himself, Nao'ymt, made additional sound effects for the video.

The video's main message is world peace that crosses over time and space. It takes place on a ruined Earth, in year 3000. The folly of mankind caused the destruction of the environment and mass slaughters. Namie is in stasis and is waked up by Dr. Chronos (the greek god, master of time), to deliver a message from the future to the present mankind. The experiment sends Namie in year 2200 and year 2500. Namie manages to communicate her message to a young girl on the past Earth, filled with sadness and desperate people. But will she be able to change the fate of mankind?

'Dr.' will be aired on Space Shower TV on 3/12.
Source: NNN
Oricon Style
Space Shower TV
Translation by: Drama Queen
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Grace Chang said...

cool animation!!!
song fit really well be continued? does that mean there's more coming?

NAfan-Sam said...

To be continued!
wish there's more