Saturday, September 23, 2017

Namie Amuro retiring next year...

It's been years since I last posted here...
I'm sure you all heard this news by now.

Our Queen of J-pop, Namie Amuro will retire next year, 2018.09.16.

I'm not sure what to think / feel about this news....

But one thing I'm sure of is that she will always be my favourite singer 😊
Thank you Namie, because of your music I learned Japanese (all by myself and with the help of your songs too).
Thanks you Namie, for bringing joy, hope, energy, etc... into my life.
Thanks you Namie, for everything she's done for us fans all around the world through your music!

This can go on forever, but I'll end right here 😅

We will support you till your very last second as a singer.
And we will keep supporting you from there on, because you are forever the Queen of J-pop in our heart!