Saturday, September 22, 2007

Namie Amuro PLAY Tour goodies!!

These were pictures taken out side the Taipei ARENA.

The picture on the left is a banner fulled with all the tour goodies and the prices.
The picture on the right is a model wearing one of the tour goodies. (I thought that was a real person when i first saw this pic).


Tour goodies on sale outside the Taipei ARENA.
These are the Goodies from PLAY Tour 2007~2008

Amuro Namie wore the red shirt in Pink Key, Can You Celebrate, and Say the Word.
The Towl was used in Say the Word. The female dancers also wore the shirt.
I really like this shirt.

Amuro Namie and the dancers wore this in DARLING, and COME.
I want one....

The male dancers wore this in Say the Word.
This word is so cool~ even though it's for guys, I think it'll look nice on girls too.

These mobile phone straps are so cute!

These are containers fulled with candies.
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Namie Amuro PLAY Tour 2007~2008 Report

This is a report on Namie Amuro's PLAY Tour. It was in Chinese, so I translated into English for those who really want to know what happened.

01. Hide & Seek
-Namie wearing a Police's uniform with hat.
-On top of a motobike.

02. Full Moon
-Hat removed

03. It's all about you

MC -- Today's weather is a bit cooling, really nice! It's damn hot during the rehearsal!
and there's also earthquake (on the day, 30 minutes before the show starts), so unlucky!
So...if there's an earthquake during the Live, everyone please be careful and evacuate safely, ok?
Please don't panic and run! None matter what happened, I'll always be there to save you guys!! Haha...
But, all I can do is to give direction to everybody....however, because of you guys, I can safely perform the debut show tonight!
There're still 53 shows to go, I will do my best!!!

04. butterfly

---costume change---

-Black top, black mini-skirt, sliver wrist belt and boots.
-Stage change to a bar.

06. Come

---costume change---

07. Luvotomy
-On top of the previous outfit, added a silver bare-top and long black dress.

08. Should I Love Him?

-Has choregraphy similar to "exist from you" from 'Live Style 2006'.

---costume change---


-Purplish-red one-piece outfit and red hat.


-Hat removed.


---costume change---

12. 人魚

-Yellow/Black top, long dress and accessories on head.
-Moon-like structure changes its shapes time to time.
-"Makes namie looked like a princess singing on a moon".

13. Baby Don't Cry

-Long dress and accessories removed.
-Changed to black pants.

14. Step With It

15. Chase the Chance
-Has choregraphy similar to "STROBE" from 'Live Style 2006'.
Now, the appearance of GOLDEN EGGS LIVE VERSION!
Amura went to the hospital, the doctor asked "How are you today?"
Amura said "I can't sleep at all, and can't even eat anything...."
At this moment, the doctor replied "This is what you called 'Love'!"

---costume change---

-Leopard-spotted fabric top, greenish pant and boots.


-New choregraphy by SHUN, used in 'ageba's girls fever live'.
-Full version of the song is performed instead of the usual shortened live version.

18. Violet Sauce (Spicy)
-Uses same choreography in 'Live Style 2006' performance.

19. Top Secret
-Choreography by SHUN.

--TV Screen shows "The End"--


20. Pink Key

-The beginning of the song was sang with acoustic quitar.

22. Say the word (Breeze House Mix)
-Introduction of band and dancers.
-Members' names appeared on TV Screen.
-PLAY' towel was also used as part of choregraphy.

These are the Costumes' appearing in order:

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Namie Amuro 2008 Calendar

These are the 2008 calendar scans. It's available as part of her PLAY Tour 2007~2008 goodies.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

FanSpace Vol. 23 (LQ)

FanSpace Vol. 23

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Always support Amuro Namie!!!♡

FanSpace Vol. 22 (HQ)

FanSpace Vol. 22

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Always support Amuro Namie!!!♡

FanSpace Vol. 21 (LQ)

FanSpace Vol. 21

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Always support Amuro Namie!!!♡