Sunday, October 28, 2007

PLAY Tour 2007~2008- 10/27 Photos' Report!

These are some fantastic photos from fans who went to the concert on 10/27!

Ticket she bought on spot for 2,000 yen!


Fan with signed World of Golden Egg goodies bag

One of the photos of the tour goodies she bought

That's how the stage design looked like, cool~

Lovely posters!!! I really want one.

Look at this crazy Namie Amuro fan! wow~

photos by hiroko @ amurochina BBS
^0^ The pictures can be enlarged

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Namie Amuro PLAY Tour 2007~2008 Report 2

A detailed report on PLAY Tour by a china-forum member [AmR]. It was translated into English by other people.

Amuro Namie PLAY TOUR 2007 相模大野 Report,超HIGH!
Although the set is small this time but the stage design is very stylish.

There's a big "FUNKY TOWN" sign-post, tall structures that looked like tall buildings. There's also Heart-shaped structure spreading from the middle of the stage to the sides. The middle of the stage has the staircase-like-structure similar to last year tour but this stairs has glowing effects that changes according to the music and lightings. The main focus is finally a image-screen is used for more dramatic changes to the stage. This is also what i always wanted! Simple but can give great effects to the whole performance!!!!

As for the outfits part, i think most of you had seen them. A lot of dislikes. At first, I thought the outfits are not that nice looking but after watching the concert, I deeply realized that if not because of the music and lightings together, you can't confirmed that they're not good. E.g the leopard-spotted outfit is used cuz it totally matches with the wildness/hotness feeling of 'WANT ME, WANT ME'. Most of the outfits looked great when they're with the lightings effects.

1. Hide & Seek
Super cool! Lying on the bike. The outfit is the most impressive in the whole concert. Her female dancers at the same time were waving big flags. Very powerful!

2. Full Moon
At first I felt that this song is only 'ok' in the album but after I saw the concert, I can finally understood why namie mentioned that she chose this song especially for the concert. Wonder why it get so high! A bit shy when dancing on top of the bike with the male dancers. However this performance has very good dances. When reaching the 'full moon' part of the song, that's also the full moon motion.

3. It's all about you
Same as previous, unexplainable high.
- MC -
This time, someone in the crowd shouted "AMURA!". Namie, with a usual, normal, calm attitude, replied 'Don't say that! Or else I'll be very difficult. Amura will only appear later!'. She's funny!
4. Butterfly
This song has choreography. Wonder why ppl said that it don't previously? The main focus is when namie and her dancers gathered in the middle of the upper-stage, a ball-like structure covered them and the male dancers rushed down while namie changes. When the next song starts, the ball-structure immediately opened and namie re-appeared with a new outfit and hat. Incredibly fast! They must practiced it lots of time!

The next 3 songs are the most impressive in the whole concert. Also the first climax. The image-screen lowered onto the middle of the upper-stage, flashing 'FUNKY TOWN' and bunny-girls' red lamps. Fill with feeling of a 'drinking bar'. Namie then dances sexually while holding a metal-tray. Flirting with the guys below. Very sexy but not sluggish.

6. Come
A big crystal, glowing ball, similar to one in FUNKY TOWN's cover, reflecting bright silver lights. The stage seems to enter into another dimension. With flawless dances.

7. Luvotomy
Favorite song. This time, the stage consists of moving cubes. Can say that the dancers are pretty tiring. They need to dance and arrange the cubes frequently. The guys, dunno when, hide inside the cubes while namie wears a silver top onto her previous outfit and the guys took out cameras to take photos of namie. While namie looked like a superstar (she already is one ~~~) She dances, at the same time cat-walking. The image-screen also appeared behind namie, flashing heart-shaped images. Very eye-pleasing.

8. Should I Love Him?
Gentle dances like exist for you in Live Style 2006.

Nothing special about the performance but cute still. Looking for the guys with 'love' sign-post. The more affection, the brighter the sign-post.

The moving-stage changed into a pool-table ^_^;. The stage once again changed into a bar. Felt like the environment inside the tour pamphlet. The gals holding pool-sticks . Although the dances are the same but namie moves around the bar fluently and relaxingly throwing darts (if she hits, the crowd will cheer. Dunno what happened if she missed?).

11. Hello
Same dances as the pv.

12. 人魚 (Ningyo)
Her vocal this time round is supreme! Totally no signs of out-of-tone. Even the most difficult-to-sing Ningyo is sang like the CD's. Avoiding notes that are too high.

13. Baby Don't Cry
Annoyed that this song is sang so beginning of the concert. A very engaging song. Although no choreography but still very high. Everyone sang along. Hope it can be sang during encore. A great potential to become a must-sing in her concerts.

14. Step With It
The dances looked great as usual.

15. Chase the Chance
At first, the drummer added slight rock-feeling to the song. The dances also became very intense. The first ever time namie jumped onto the male dancer and uses her legs to grab hold of him. Then he lifted namie up high. (similar to ballroom dances).
The screen starts to move down, showing 'AMURA' footage. The clip is damn funny! I think that it's more funny then the one in the album's DVD! Amura said she's not feeling well. She said she can't sleep (namie sings 'Can't sleep~~~'), can't eat (namie sings 'Can't eat~~~). Very funny and great way to connect to the song, and the song starts!

Wonder why this song always give a very cheerful feeling when performed in the concert.

New choreography. Sexy moves, matching lightings and with a jungle-like music. Namie wearing leopard-spots, dancing to more daring moves then before. As if showing ppl her 30 years old, matured woman's charm.

19. Top Secret
This song really continues the legacy of 'No'. The song performance consists of intense dancing. Very cool. When finished, everyone gathered onto the middle of the upper-stage and the ball-like structure covered them while the screen lowers and shows 'The End'

20. Pink Key
Very nice song with positive feeling.

The starting is accompanied by acoustic guitar. This time the crowd once again starts to shout namie's name out loud, making her felt too embarrassed to sing properly. At the ending, she ,out-of-usual, sang the last part in one shot so that the crowd will not have the chance to shout her name or called out 'Kawaii!!'. It's like namie is acting a bit childish. Quite amazing. Cuz it's obvious namie is rushing to end the song fast and first time she doesn't stop and giggle but very cutely instruct everyone to be quiet.

22. Say the Word
A happy ending. The focus is on the introduction of the band. The spot-light is not on namie while she sits and rest. But she still silently, very highly waving the tower to encourage the crowd to do so. Although the light is not on her and she can un-noticeably rest, cuz the stage is small, can see her still waving the tower very intensively. What moves me is that she hope that everyone is cheering for the hard-working band as much as she is.
That's all