Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Got my 20th anniversary special order ^0^

I was really excited when I saw this 20th Anniversary special offer on CDJapan, therefore I ordered some (would love to collect them all, but don't have that much money >.<) of the CDs and DVDs that I failed to buy previously.
What's funny is that the offer gives you a copy of the 'Hot Girls remix' if you purchase 2 or more of the products from the offer, I thought I'll just be getting one for buying 6 products, but hey I got 3 copies ^.^" (What to do with the other 2?)
One little complaint.... CDJapan sent my orders on time, but the Hungarian post office kept it for more than 2 weeks (>o<)< £$%^&* €¡#¢∞ ...... but anyways, listening to Namie's music settled my emotions ^^
^0^ The pictures can be enlarged
Always support Amuro Namie!!!♡


Joshua Lawrence said...

There is only one picture. Could you please post more?

Anonymous said...

How much did the tour dvd cost?

Amy. C said...

please check link below for the price

Amy. C said...

@ Joshua Lawrence
Will get to the pics as soon as possible ^^