Tuesday, October 23, 2012

安室奈美恵「Damage」映画バージョン・ミュージックビデオ & digital release on October 31st!

'Damage' will be released exclusively online!! PC version download will be available starting October 31st!!

映画「黄金を抱いて翔べ」主題歌「Damage」の井筒監督演出による映画バージョン・ミュージックビデオが完成! 映画本編映像でつづる特別バージョンのミュージックビデオは曲のタイトルや歌詞に連動させた映像など井筒監督の遊び心が満載! みなさまぜひご覧ください☆
The special movie version of the music video for "Damage", the theme song for the movie "Fly with the Gold", is now fully complete!! This special version was produced by Director Izutsu, who directed "Fly with the Gold", as he incorporated scenes from the movie to match the title of the song and its lyrics. We hope you enjoy it!!
Sources: Namie Amuro Facebook Official 
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