Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pamphlet for the 20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWA

20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWAのパンフレットのご紹介をします!!
お気づきの方いらっしゃいますか?そうです!Facebookのカバー写真でAmuro chanが読んでいる雑誌はパンフレットでした!!
懐かしのあのジャケ写を今のAmuro chanがセルフオマージュした写真や、 Aから始まりZで終わる全83問の質問にAmuro chanが答えていますよ。他にも見ごたえたっぷりの仕上がりになっています。
We would like to introduce to you the pamphlet for the 20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWA even!!
Some of you may have already noticed, but yes, the booklet that Namie is reading in the Facebook cover photo is the pamphlet!!! Inside the pamphlet, you will find…
Photos with Namie reenacting her past CD jacket covers….
And a Q&A section where Namie is answering all 83 questions that start with the letter "A" and ending at "Z". There are lots of other interesting things included, so please look forward to it!! An imitation pass is also included.
We want everyone to have and enjoy the pamphlet!! We will soon start receiving orders for the mail-order merchandise!! We will post all the details here soon!!
Mail-order? Does that mean fans oversea can also order them???
I'm so excited!
Sources: Namie Amuro Facebook Official
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