Saturday, September 1, 2012

Away for a week...

Hello all fellow readers~
I'll be away for a week... that means N.A.N.A. will not be updated, but as usual I'll update it as soon as I return ^0^
Keep an eye on Namie Amuro Facebook Official for new official news!

Sorry for the inconvenience m(_ _)m



Yuma said...

I know you're away and might not be able to see this on time, but just wanna ask you did you successfully order any goods? I tried the website for within Japan and it was unsuccessful :( is there such problems with you or other fans aboard?

Amy. C said...

Unfortunately I didn't successfully order any of the goods T.T
I wanted the pamphlet, T-shirt, towel.... it's all sold out.... so....Hope there will be another one of these sales/orders for fans aboard soon ^^

Yuma said...

:( I'm so disappointed
if only I was a day faster, might get the goods