Monday, August 27, 2012

20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWA goods revealed

みなさまの投票で決定したロゴのレディースTシャツとメンズTシャツ、そしてAmuro chan特別賞に輝いたロゴではピンバッチが完成しました!! そして沖縄野外ステージということで今回のタオルはフードがついていますよ! 
ちなみにフードタオルをまとっているモデルさんもAmuro chanです!!
The merchandise for the Okinawa live event are being made one after another!!
The Mens and Ladies T-Shirts with the winning logo from all of your votes and the pin badge featuring the logo that won the Amuro-chan Award are now complete!!
The Okinawa live event takes place outdoors so the towel is designed with a hood! As a matter of fact, the lady here with the hooded towel is Amuro-chan herself!!
Sources: Namie Amuro Facebook Official
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