Thursday, July 26, 2012

New song "Damage"

 2012年11月3日(土)に全国ロードショーとなる、妻夫木聡さん主演の映画「黄金を抱いて翔べ」の主題歌にAmuro chanの新曲「Damage」が決定しました! この映画の井筒和幸監督から「「人生を賭ける男ども」の話なにで、そこに負けないと挑みかかるような、エモーショナルな女性の歌声が一番望ましいと思った。」と自らオファーをいただき実現しました! ぜひチェックしてみてください☆
Namie's new song "Damage" has been chosen as the theme song for the movie "Fly with the Gold" starring Satoshi Tsumabuki, which will be in theaters nationwide starting on November 3 (Sat), 2012!! The director of the movie, Kazuyuki Izutu explained that the movie was about "men who are fighting for their lives" and thus wanted a deeply emotional female voice that was just as strong. We hope that all of you will go and see the movie!!
Sources: Namie Amuro Facebook Official
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